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Scorpion Excavator Grab

The MDE excavator grab is an attachment for operators who are clearing land with roots, hedges, boulders, stumps or debris. The excavator grab provides the operator with more mobility than a traditional bucket when clearing landscapes. One side of the grab stays in a fixed position like a bucket, while the other clamps the material.

The excavator grab can be used for landscape maintenance, feeding mulchers/chippers, loading trailers or separating materials” These attachments moving grapple can be closed in tight so it can be used as a rake for feathering through material and act as a land rake, this also allows it to hold the smallest of diameter material.

The MDE Scorpion is very simple to install and maintain. Connect the hydraulic pipes into your excavators’ auxiliary lines and you’re in full control of your grab. This is also a low maintenance attachment with only a few grease nipples to look after and some bolts on the cradle to keep tight.

Application Areas

  •  Demolition projects, loading trailers, and feeding mulchers.
  •  Private and commercial landscape maintenance.
  •  Suitable for the clearing of agricultural land.
  •  Recycling plants separating material.
  •  Maintenance work in the utilities sector.
  •   Picking up trees and pulling roots.
  •  Clearing land with boulders or stumps.

Key Features

  •  Hardox Teeth
  •  Powerful Hydraulic Cylinders
  •  Hardox Chassis
  •  Bolt On Hitch
  •  Quick and easy to set up (aux pipes, hammer pipes)