GMR / GMR HD forestry range offers 10 versions that can be adjusted on Forestry Loaders, Cranes, Telescopic lifters, Front loaders, 1,5 – 8,0 tons Excavators etc..
The shapes both of the forks and of the body of these grabs allow a “clean” picking up and grant high  capacity to lift up the charge in a compact way so increasing the charge quantity with any kind of timber. The special relation between dimensions and bending of the forks allows obtaining a very small light with log grab closed without loosing in charge surface.

The Log Grabs series GMR / GMR HD, as all other Agriforest equipments, are built with high quality materials (Steel: S 700 – studs: 39 NiCrMo3 – bronze bushing pins) granting high mechanical performances for elasticity, breakages endurance and yield strength.
On the GMR HD Grabs the handy kit MULTY can be applied to improve work when loading short cut wood, branches and manure.
All AGRIFOREST Log Grabs can be used both with stud and with flange rotators, these last are recommended when working with earthmovers.

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