RM2 / RM and RM / HD forestry range offers 8 versions that can be adjusted on 8,0 – 16,0 tons Excavators, Forestry Loaders, Cranes, Telescopic lifters, Front loaders, etc..
This range is characterized by a consistent clamping force. The shapes both of the forks and of the body of these grabs allow a “clean” picking up and grant a good capacity to lift up the charge in a compact way so increasing the charge quantity with any kind of wood (till 0,48 mt² charge area). The special relation between dimensions and bending of the forks allows obtaining a very small light with log grab closed without loosing in charge surface.

The Log Grabs series RM / RM HD are equipped with tapered sleeve-pins having high diameter (60 / 70 mm. according to the model). This characteristic, combined with the high quality of the steels used, grants high working performances and ensures a consistent long productive life. The Log Grabs series RM2 e RM / RM HD, as all other Agriforest equipments, are built with high quality materials (Steel S 700 – studs 39 NiCrMo3 – bronze bushing pins) granting high mechanical performances for elasticity, breakages endurance and yield strength.

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