• Cutting Height: 54/67/105cm
  • Splitting Force: 11ton
  • Cutting Diameter: 60cm
  • The controls are of the“System-LEADER” type (THOR patent).
  • With the “System-LEADER” controls it’s possible to carry out the cutter approach stroke and centre the logs while the cutter is in motion with both hands free by using the pedal!
  • Once the log is centered and  in the desired position the two control levers are used to split the log.
  • The cutting stroke is adjustable between 2 and 50 cm.
  • Three working heights, 54 / 67 / 105 cm, can be adjusted by using the tables.
  • 40 cm dia. pneumatic on the EL and petrol motor version.
  • Available versions
    • EL 230 Volt with double pump
    • VS petrol engine with single pump
    • PTO 540 rpm for tractor with single pump
ModelSplitting forcePower required
PS (Hp) – kW
Splitting dia. capacity
cm min – max
Splitting speed
Total weight (kg)
EL 230 Volt with double pump11 Ton3 – 2.25 – 607.9166
Petrol Engine with single pump11 Ton9 – 6.75 – 604.7195
PTO 540 rpm for tractor with single pump11 Ton17 – 12.55 – 6010168


60ط·آ·ط¢آ¢ط·آ¢ط¢آ° Cutter log splitterCross cutter log splitterSide extensions log splitter
60° Wedge4 way wedgeSide extensions


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