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Rotor shaft balancing

We are able to balance rotors shafts up to 3.2m in overall length. The rotor is an integral part or your machine. Ensuring your rotor is dynamically balanced is essential to reduce mechanical stress and prevent long term damage to other working parts of your machine such as bearing life and metal fatigue.

Services available:-

  • Rotor straightening and balance up to 3.2m in overall length.
  • Flail and accessory replacement.
  • Journal rebuild
  • Key way renewal
  • Lug replacement
  • Spline drive replacement
  • Collection and delivery service

Common Questions.

What if my rotor is bent?
In most cases we can straighten a bent rotor. You cannot effectively balance a bent rotor. We have the facility here to straighten rotor shafts. A BENT ROTOR IS NOT ALWAYS SCRAP.

Do I need new flails?
We would always recommend having new flails fitted. Although fitting new flails is not essential, new flails does help the balancing process to be more accurate for future working life.

Genuine or non-genuine flails?
Although in the modern era there is little difference in the quality of available wearing parts we do recommend fitting genuine replacement parts. The reason for this is that we know the weight of a genuine part is matched to the rotor it is being fitted to.